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CPD Courses

    • 21 Aug 2022
    • The Oxford Academy, Oxford


    When - Sunday, 21st August 2022

    Where - The Oxford Academy, Oxford

    Cost - £135

    This 1 day CPD workshop will provide manual therapists from all backgrounds with the theoretical knowledge behind the effects and uses of dry cupping therapy and a variety of practical applications that you can immediately implement into your practice.

    As well as learning correct and safe use of standard dry cupping techniques you will also learn other advanced techniques.

    A minimum level of level 3 massage therapist is required for this course.

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    This course is run by SMA Member Liam Coffey

    • 24 Sep 2022
    • Dublin

    The Higher Diploma course is for qualified bodywork professionals who want to advance their clinical knowledge and skills to offer advanced intervention procedures for patients with chronic soft tissue pain, muscle and nerve pain.

    The course is delivered over a two and a half year period with practical weekends taking place every 8 weeks (Friday evenings / Saturdays & Sundays) and online lessons in between. With only a short flight away from the UK to Dublin, the course is very accessible to students in the UK who can book flights well in advance and get good deals. We already have some students enrolled from the UK and we would love to be able to get the word to other therapists in the UK who would like to attend.

    The tutors on the course include Joanne Avison, Professor Carol Davis, Jan Trewartha, Dr Wilbour Kelsick, John Sharkey and Kevin Prunty.

    Below is an overview of the advanced content involving sports massage and soft tissue manipulation techniques based on the model of Biotensegrity that is covered on the course:

    • Advanced functional anatomy based on BioTensegrity and Four Bar Kinematics
    • Pathophysiology of chronic pain
    • Arthrokinematics – A new explanation of human movement
    • Cranial manipulation and Intra-oral tissue release for effective treatment of chronic pain problems
    • TMJ Treatment – effective interventions for TMJ pain and associated symptoms including ear fullness / pressure, ear pain, tinnitus, dizziness, and hyperacusis
    • Breathing patterns disorders and chronic pelvic pain
    • The Art of Structural integrity to include:
      • Biotensegrity
      • the art of seeing
      • structural isolation versus structural integration
      • The superficial and deep architecture and the Four Series Protocol
    • Advanced management of fascial dysfunction
    • Rehabilitation Sequencing – neurodynamic stabilisation and efficiency
    • Laws of European Neuromuscular Therapy™ and their implications in effective NMT interventions
    • Medical Exercise Science – exploring the science of safe, effective and appropriate physical activities to restore neuromuscular efficiency and chronic pain resolutions
    • Advanced neurodynamic stress assessment and ENMT resolutions to restore normal nerve function
    • Fascia, skin and myokinetic chains and links
    • The science and clinical applications of Neuromuscular Techniques – European and American influences
    • Nutrition and biochemical factors that positively influence or help manage chronic pain and dysfunction
    • Tensegrity informed treatment for scars and adhesions

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    • 24 Sep 2022
    • 09:00
    • Leonardo London Heathrow, Sipson Way, Bath Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 0DP



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    • Non-College-Member Fee: £225.00

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    • 01 Oct 2022
    • 22 Dec 2022
    • King's College Hospital, London

    CADAVER Dissection Workshop

    When - To be confirmed between October to December 2022

    Where - King's College Hospital, London

    Cost - £199

    This 1 day CPD workshop is suitable for manual therapists and other bodywork practitioners and provides attendees with the unique opportunity to get hands-on with real cadavers, providing one of a kind insight into the reality of human anatomy.

    All cadavers have been skilfully prepared by medical students and you will be given the opportunity to handle and observe the various body parts available that day.

    Types of preparation and body parts will vary from workshop to workshop so it is difficult to say exactly what you can expect to see on the day, however, there are a wide range of preparations available that have previously included:

    • Individual bones such as a scapula, patella, ilium and various vertebrae.
    • Individual soft tissue structures including a spinal cord, intervertebral disc and fascia samples.
    • Individual limbs dissected down to the superficial muscular layers, occasionally with the option to physically remove the superficial muscles and inspect the deeper structures below.
    • More wide-ranging specimens such as a full arm with scapula and rotator cuff muscles attached, a full lumbo-pelvic complex dissected to the superficial muscular layer and a fully removable spine from within the upper posterior musculature.

    The workshop will be led by a suitably qualified medical professional who will introduce each specimen and field questions.

    Attendees will have access to the pathology museum at various points throughout the day.

    To secure your place on the next course you can book below using this link or alternatively you can click here for a place on the waiting list for the next date, we will be in touch when we have one

    This course is organised by SMA Member Liam Coffey

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