• 22 Sep 2018
  • 08:00 - 17:30
  • De Vere Staverton Estate, Daventry Road, Daventry, NN11 6JT


  • Should you become an SMA member after the conference your £25 joining fee will be waived


Preliminary programme

08:00: Registration opens
09:00: Welcome from SMA Chair Paul Medlicott
09:15: Morning presentations commence

Alison Rose: In her presentation Ali will talk about her experiences in elite sport and working relationship within elite teams including with soft tissue therapists including perhaps an anecdote or two. The talk will also use illustrated case studies around athletes with chronic injury problems including reference to the use of cranial, neural, neural gliding, soft tissue, visceral and technical working techniques employed in providing effective treatment and recovery.

Ruth Duncan: ‘Fascial Dysfunction’: What role does the fascial system play in pain and how does fascial dysfunction occur? This lecture will discuss the innervation of the fascial structures and how they relate to our current understanding of how and why we feel pain. This lecture will also highlight how the fascial structures are involved in compensatory adaptive patterns, myofascial trigger points and scar tissue adhesions, all of which affect function and eventually cause pain.

Richard Whitehead MBE: SMA Ambassador

John Sharkey: Keynote address: ‘The Last Word. The Only Word’
Take a visually rich journey with fascia and Biotensegrity expert John as he discusses the current status of research specific to human fascia, pain, movement and anatomy.Have we had the last word when it comes our understanding of human anatomy, have we had the only word when it comes to explaining how we move?John, a Clinical Anatomist and Exercise Physiologist suggests that our current anatomy model is flawed and puts forward his own hypothesis for a new anatomy for the 21st Century.

13:00: Lunch

14:15: Afternoon workshops

RUTH DUNCAN: ‘Fascia. Find the pain and look elsewhere for the cause’
This workshop will provide valuable insight into the fascial continuities which, when under or overused, create system wide dysfunction. This workshop will focus on the lower limb relating pelvic imbalance to leg, ankle and foot pain. This workshop will provide effective and valuable myofascial assessments and techniques which can immediately be incorporated into your existing practice.

ALISON ROSE: ‘A holistic, multifaceted approach to treating athletes with complex issues’
Alison’s workshop will mainly focus on the technique of neural gliding so vital to the recovery of the case study athletes referred to in her morning presentation. Neural gliding is a technique used to differentiate and relax tissue to free and restore the normal gliding of nerves.

JOHN SHARKEY: ‘Resolving and Managing ‘Non-Specific’ Pelvic Pain’
John will get straight into demonstrating 10 wonderfully versatile hands-on interventions based on advanced anatomy reinforced by accurate assessment skills.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of manual “hands-on” interventions that result in reduced or completely eradicated chronic pain.

Based on accurate integrated anatomy supported by embryological considerations this unique workshop will provide you with a fresh set of hands-on skills and knowledge for the effective treatment of Non-Specific Pelvic Pain.

17:30: SMA AGM (book you place separately)

19:00: SMA BBQ (buy your tickets separately)

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