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WHY USE AN SMA Therapist?

Full members of the SMA will have undertaken an approved course of education, will have Professional Liability insurance and must adhere to the Association's Code of Conduct.  To ensure members develop and improve their skills as a therapist the Association require all members to complete a minimum of 30 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) annually.  Only Full Members of the SMA are entitled to use the SMA logo in their advertising and the letters MSMA after their name. Bona-fide members are issued with a dated membership certificate annually that confirms their current registration.

To see a member's full profile and information click on the member's name.  Student members and Level 3 Therapists are not listed in this directory.

SMA Membership Levels and Membership Status

Graduate Member: Members with a recognised qualification with less than one year post qualification experience

Full Member with Bronze status: Members with a recognised qualification, between one and four years post qualification experience and a complete CPD record 
Full member with Silver status: Members with a recognised qualification, between four and eight years post qualification experience and a complete CPD record
Full member with Gold status: Members with a recognised qualification, more than eight years post qualification experience and a complete CPD 

Please note that this directory is solely for members of the public wishing to locate SMA members for the purpose of seeking soft tissue therapy services.  Any third-party marketing or service companies do not have permission from the SMA to use members' contact details for any marketing purposes.  Third parties wishing to market services to SMA members should contact membership@thesma.org in the first instance

Note for current full SMA members: You will not appear in the directory below if you have not updated your current insurance details in your profile

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