The SMA was founded in 2001, off the back of a recommendation from the National Sports Medicine Institute and a selected committee whose remit was to produce an acceptable education standard for Sports Massage in the UK.  The SMA has been building on this work since its foundation, continuing to hold the practitioners on its register to a high standard.  All SMA members agree to abide by our Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards of professional behaviour that we expect.

We very much hope that no-one is ever given cause to complain about an SMA member, but we do have a rigorous complaints procedure which can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link below.

To download our Code of Conduct please click HERE

To download our Complaints Procedure, please click HERE

To download our Complaints Form*, please click HERE

To check a member's status on the National Register, please click HERE

*The Complaints Form is designed as an editable PDF for you to fill in online and should work with all software that allows for the reading of PDF files.  It will also print as a blank form for you to post to us.  Use extra blank sheets if more space is required.  Please see our Contact Page for the address to use.

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