Why become an SMA tutor

  • The SMA is committed to enhancing and recognising excellence within the education of soft tissue therapists within the UK. 
  • We have therefore created a forum for people who teach on Sports Massage Association recognised or endorsed sports massage courses. Although it is not essential that you have teaching and assessor qualifications you will be asked to identify if you do and if so, asked to provide copies of any certification you hold.
  • There is no cost associated with SMA Tutor Registration.
How to become an SMA tutor
  • If you are not currently an SMA member you will need to join and complete the section entitled Education Providers and Registered Tutors during the application process. CLICK HERE to become a member.

  • If you are already an SMA member you need to edit your profile and complete the section entitled Education Providers and Registered Tutors to indicate your qualifications and experience relating to teaching Sports Massage
  • Once you have joined up or updated your profile, you will need to email tutors@thesma.org, attaching copies of your relevant teaching and assessor qualifications for your tutor status to be activated and access to the Tutors Forum granted.  

Benefits of being an SMA tutor

  • Become part of a teaching community promoting excellence within the teaching of Sports Massage in the UK
  • Receive invitations to Tutor Specific CPD events
  • Utilise the Tutors Forum to gain information from the SMA Tutor community
  • Be listed on the SMA Tutors Directory


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